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Knife Mecca is a global platform for both knife makers and knife collectors. If you love making, using or collecting knives - this is the best place to be. With Japanese knives on one side and Western/European knives on the other, you will have a great time exploring and choosing what suits your needs. We have various sharp and high-quality cooking knife sets for your kitchen collection.

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Which steel types do we allow at market?

The steel in the blade is the most important ingredient in any knife (you may not want to but you can usually change the handle if needed).

What are the best steels? What is the difference between them?

What's the best way to Sharpen?

There is much debate about how and when we should be using Knife Sharpening Rods or Wetstones

What should I do at home?

When do I visit the sharpener?

Which collections do we currently love?

There's a host of different knife collections at the Knife Mecca. 

Unlike our partners we can change when we feel like it.

Here's the ones we currently love....

Featured Knife Test

The Nakiri Knife by Koi Knives