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Books about Knives

Our favorite books about knives.....

JAPANESE KITCHEN KNIVES - Essential Techniques & Recipes by Hiromitsu Noraki

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A great read to better understand the history and progress of Japanese knives (used in the kitchen). The book focuses on the three knives that started at homes in Japan -...

THE KNIFE NERD - The Guide to Japanese Knives by Kevin Kent

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A wonderful book by Kevin Kent, based inCalgary, Canada. Kevin Kent owns and runs KnifeWear - a home to Japanese knives based in Canada.

KNIFE - The Culture, Craft & Cult of the Cooks Knife by Tim Hayward

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A delightful book by Tim Hayward, based in London, UK. Tim Hayward has deep experience in knives and writes as well as J. R. R. Tolkien :)

SHARP by Josh Donald

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A cracking read written by Josh Donald, based in California US. Josh owns and runs Bernal Cutlery.